You need rewards for folks to play every game

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I'm frankly not sure what people want from this game now. Y'all despise people that iso and state they do not use displays enough but when they perform it's an issue. And I concur the behind the back was op it was the only damn movement you could create space with NBA 2K MT. Today you can not even get around anyone without getting slowed down and hand checked. And that which will usually happen is that you eventually going to get bumped stole like in this clip.

Good match but I feel like people are so fickle on here. If he had been 5 outing the entire time using a cheesy slasher then you'd be whining about that. Even the dude clearly either was not great or was not prepared for this but the game is set up in such a way that there's just so much that you can do offensively. It is 2k itself that's constrained. That is why so much of aggressive and league play with is people"hiding behind displays" if that's what you want predict it. Before anyone says it, I desired the BTB patched also, it had been too much when coupled with the tight handles stun. You can say you outplayed him or anything but it simply feels played out when folks start getting into the play fashion stuff.

Yeah I only made an assumption based on his play style in this game and the fact he averaged over 30ppg. But my team rolls and relies on ball motion and pick. Like actual basketball.There's a player in Player Control who does nothing but driving into the left and throw up threes also, similar to this guy. He quits games in the first quarter when paired up against me. He devotes 3 offenses on the two ends and sabotages the match, when we're on precisely the same group. Some players have a sad life.

I went to park, since they took out pro'm 3v3's rep progress. What made me return was that during an event. So my squad decided to go to pro'm 3v3. I enjoy how they rank groups. This is going to be a way to figure out where we position as a staff. We're now gold but not good enough. This compels my squad and I and best rep gamers to play. There is usually even a elite or a ss3 if someone is in a group. This made me confident in my sport or got me from their mind set of being scared of playing rep. Well I ran into alot of golden groups . This shows that rep teams at park, are not really great. Pro am 3v3 taught me where my team stands and not to be scared of a"Virtual status".

I would shorten the name to'Tired of waiting to play the game?' Yeah the competition is somewhat stiffer, but you can just play back to back to back, irrespective of whether you win or lose.I think Pro Am 3v3 should utilize something simar to the 99 system instead of matchmaking, which might help folks in there get even more matches (because apparently it is difficult after ace bronze). Everybody plays everyone. Believe that could really show what teams are up there.

However since they like how it looks, people care about rep. 2k should not even nerfed the rep everybody was playing 3 v 3 pro am when the game first came out now a lot of people don't play because whats the point. You need rewards for folks to play every game its a video game after all.I enjoy playing it also for the reasons you mentioned BUT the shadows as well as the constant camera motion make it really annoying to look at Buy NBA 2K Coins.There should still be a boost that the the rep you earn from 3v3 pro am to incentivize people to play it. Not quite as far as it had been at beginning of season but halfway between then and now would be great.No stage in playing pro am right now once you get less rep than at park.

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